SpotON – Not just drawing, solid designing

SpotON – Not just drawing, solid designing


You are cordially invited to participate in Simpatec’s free SpotON event series.

The event will take place online on September 14th, 2023, from 3 PM to approximately 5 PM and is free of charge.

The current focus of the SpotON event revolves around the theme of „Component and Tool Design“ in the plastic industry, with an emphasis on economic, resource-efficient, and forward-looking aspects.

Various facets will be illuminated, including current options, alternative approaches, and future developments in seamless data exchange between machinery and simulations. The role of metrology in the process will also be highlighted, along with potential avoidable errors in tool manufacturing.

Our contribution to the lecture series
Sustainable product development – Rethinking starts with product development.“
Patrick Schulte, Konstruktionsbüro Hein GmbH
You can find the complete agenda and registration information HERE