Did you expect it so soon?

The entire market is undergoing an overall transformation to meet the requirements of sustainability and automation. If you want to bring future-proof products to the market, from now on you must first orientate yourself to these requirements. Read more

Did you expect it so soon? Some are not yet quite sure whether we are overreacting with the new orientations for sustainability, energy efficiency and climate, while others are already demanding zero emissions. If you look at scientific studies, the answer is clear: We have acted too late and not consistently in the direction of sustainability and in some areas we can only limit the damage, but no longer prevent it completely. Initial changes have been set in motion, but this too is a process that requires a meaningful and steady flow. Read more

The corona virus makes it clear how quickly the basis of human life can be endangered. This makes it all the more incomprehensible that we ourselves have still not changed our consumption behaviour and, for example, production to sustainability. Read more